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Internet Service Centre
Studentu 48A-331, LT-51367 Kaunas, Lithuania
Legal entity code: 111950581
VAT reference number: LT119505811
Tel.: +370.37353325
Fax.: +370.37300643
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Technical internet cookies (public, rn) on this website

    Internet cookie is a small text file, which is saved on user's computer or mobile end device by information system administered by the Internet Service Centre (hereinafter – IPC) of Kaunas University of Technology, when the user visits the website.
    IPC information system uses only temporary (so-called session) cookies, which remain after user visits website and are removed automatically when the user closes the web browser. It ensures a possibility to save the actions performed or the options applied by the user while browsing the website (for example, entered name of the registered user, password, choice of language, font size, etc.), to avoid the need to enter or select them repeatedly while browsing the pages of the website
    Long-term, tracking, third-party and other cookies are not used in IPC information system.
    Cookies can be managed and/or deleted. Detailed information on cookies is available at
    Many web browsers can be configured so that the cookies are not saved on the user's end device. However, in such case, some options of the website can function incorrectly until the user changes them manually each time he/she browses this website.